Which Indian restaurant Orlando serves delicious starters?

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Posted on 2021-09-08

Are you looking for an Indian restaurant in Orlando offering exotic range of appetizers for your high tea event ?

If yes then you are at the right place. In today's blog we will be covering some of the most loved Indian appetizers served at Moghul indian restaurant Orlando. Moghul is known for serving exquisite and delicious Indian cuisine.  

Most loved appetizers of Moghul Indian restaurant Orlando 

Chicken Pakora 

Chicken pakora is a fried appetiser composed with chicken, gramme flour, ginger, garlic, spice powders, and herbs. These addictively delicious and crunchy chicken bits are flavorful as well as tender and moist.

Chilli Pakora 

Deep-fried fritters made with a larger variety of green chiles, gramme flour, herbs, and spices are known as Mirch Pakora or Mirchi Bhajiya. They can be stuffed or left unstuffed.

Aloo Pakora

Aloo pakora are soft, melt-in-your-mouth fried potato fritters with a golden, crispy batter. Potato bajji is another name for it, and it's always been one of my favourite tea-time treats.

Mixed Pakora 

It is a deep-fried vegetable piece flavoured with spices, whereas bhaji is any of several Indian fried vegetable meals.

Vegetable Samosa 

Maida flour (a white wheat flour that can be substituted with all-purpose flour), vegetable oil or butter, salt, and water are used to make a typical samosa.


Chicken Tikka Masala 

Chicken tikka masala is a spiced curry sauce made with roasted marinated chicken chunks. Typically, the curry is creamy and orange in colour.