Is Moghul the best buffet Indian restaurant near me Orlando?

indian buffet near me

Posted on 2021-09-10

Are you looking for buffet Indian restaurants near me in Orlando for delicious Indian cuisine varieties? If yes then you should definitely stop by Moghul restaurant. 

Their culinary team makes scrumptious dishes from the indian cuisine with authentic taste and flavors from their kitchen to your home if you order online and dining area if you visit them. This has earned them the reputation of the best buffet  Indian restaurant near me. 

Moghul is known for serving delicious rice delicacies which are loved by everyone in Orlando be it tourists and locals alike. In today's blog we will introduce you to popular rice delicacies which are a part of their buffet Indian restaurant near me menu. 

Basmati Pulao

This rice and vegetable one-pot recipe has been spiced and herb-infused for a subtle aromatic flavour.

Vegetable Biryani 

It is a savoury Indian rice meal cooked with bell peppers, peas, carrots, and potatoes in a spiced rice dish with turmeric, garam masala, and other warm spices.

Lamb Biryani 

It is a delicious saffron rice casserole with delicate lamb curry. Two delectable meals have been merged into one impressive casserole. 

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a mixed rice dish that originated among the Indian subcontinent's Muslims. It's made with Indian spices, rice, and meat, commonly chicken, goat, lamb, shrimp, or fish, with eggs included in some regional versions.

Shrimp Biryani 

It is also known as jheenga or jhinga biryani. Slow-cooked topped with crisp fried onions.