Dessert options at Moghul indian restaurant Orlando

Moghul Indian, Mogul Indian

Posted on 2021-09-07

Moghul is a famous Indian restaurant Orlando known for items with scrumptious non vegetarian meal options. All those who are avid non veg eaters should definitely visit them to experience healthy and creamy non veg mains as well as appetizers. 

This Indian restaurant Orlando has a specialized and experienced staff in Indian cuisine to ensure that all those who come there to taste Indian dishes experience the authentic spices and flavors of Indian dishes while sitting miles away from india. 

They also have the best dessert options for the sweet lovers in Orlando. Their efficient team has curated a list of exotic dessert options that also ensures that they maintain their title of best Indian restaurant Orlando. 

Dessert options at Moghul : 

Gulab Jamun 

Gulab jamuns are soft, berry-sized balls made with milk solids, flour, and a leavening ingredient. These are soaked in rose sugar syrup and then eaten.


Rasmalai is often served chilled and without any other ingredients. Serve the rasmalai with the thickened milk on the side.


Kheer, also known as Payesh, Payasam, or Phirni, is a sweet dish and a sort of wet pudding popular in India. It is often made with milk, sugar, or jaggery, and rice.


Kulfi, also known as Qulfi, is a frozen dairy dish that dates back to the 16th century on the Indian subcontinent. It's frequently referred to as "classic Indian ice cream."

Mango Ice cream 

Mango ice cream, commonly known as mango sorbetes, is a Filipino ice cream flavour made from ripe Philippine mangoes that have been pulped or pureed. It's one of the most popular traditional sorbetes ice cream flavours.